by Aleksandra Becnel

From Friday evening April 8 to Sunday afternoon April 10, a group of 15 gathered with Rinke Visser and Josien de Vries in a workshop sponsored by Center for Biography and Social Art.  I was fortunate to be among the participants and will share something of my experience.  This is no easy task, as it was intensely personal and the concepts were not so familiar.  I can say that a sacred space was created in which we were held as we explored the hologram of our lives.

Like a hologram, in every moment is our whole life.  Through observation and writing exercises we had a direct experience of “karmic resonances”.  Memories we self-selected and gave a title were shown to hold threads which spoke to a direction or path.  Gradually more and more connections became apparent.  Then, in creating sentences, we saw the will manifest in the verbs.  Thus, we were led to recognize the voice of the Higher Will.

On Sunday we created the “Circle of Destiny”, a visual representation of the BEING of WILL speaking to our conscious will.  These two realities are always present, and to awaken to this is to awaken to karma in everyday life.  We will often “miss the boat”, of course.  In those situations we ask ourselves for what purpose they were created by our Higher Will.

In the 21st century our destinies are all connected: there is no separation.  The recent earthquakes are a clear reminder.  In fact, there is no shortage of reminders…

As we learned that the Sanskrit definition of karma is to “do what lies in front of you”,  the challenge is to be awake to what is right here at every moment.  I am grateful for what Rinke and Josien brought, as it literally changed my life, and to Center for Biography and Social Art for the inspiration to offer this very unique workshop opportunity.