What is Biography and Social Art?

Biography and social art activities explore themes pertaining to all humanity, as well as those belonging to an individual’s unique life journey.  At the heart of this work is conversation, the practice of giving time and attention to another.  Listening well is like holding open a door, welcoming a friend into a new space—a space for insight, renewing enthusiasm and strengthening will.  Biography and social art also includes playful, artistic processes that foster new ways of perceiving and invites imagination, inspiration, and intuition.  In this work we study life phases, the rhythms of the cosmos, nature’s role in our lives, and the evolution of consciousness.  We learn skills for approaching life with the objectivity of a scientist and the soulfulness of an artist.  We experience that our lives are inherently intelligent; we become increasingly interested in others; we recognize that we have a valuable role to play.  And we learn to perceive human development, the phenomenon of metamorphosis.  This is a true picture of life:  something of the past is always dying away, something for the future is always just beginning.  In each moment, the unfolding of human life is sacred.

Mission & Vision

The Mission of The Center for Biography and Social Art celebrates the threefold human being – body, soul and spirit; encourages reverence for the uniqueness of every life journey.


The Center for Biography and Social Art began germinating many years ago. Seeds were gathered from distances of space and time, sometimes consciously, sometimes by apparent serendipity. Now the garden is blooming with vibrant colors, an abundance of forms, and rich scents.

Ways of Working

Biography practitioners offer workshops and classes on a variety of life themes, infusing the learning process with social art. Sessions might include short talks, biography exercises, work with story.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Center for Biography and Social Art is made up of a group of teachers, biographical workers, and graduates of the Program whose combined efforts and interests are working to bring this work into the world.


Our skilled faculty offer meditation, inner work, classes and workshops on biography, parenting, relationships, communications and Spacial Dynamics.