Signe Schaefer – Former Co-Director of the Biography and Social Art Program; former Director of Foundation Studies at Sunbridge College; founding member of the Center for Life Studies; author of Why on Earth? Biography and the Practice of Human Becoming, co-author of  Ariadne’s Awakening and co-editor of More Lifeways; long-time student of human development.
Patricia Rubano – Director of the Biography and Social Art Program; Member of International Trainer’s Forum; attended Biography Counseling Course in England; Graduate of Spacial Dynamics; early childhood educator and mentor, offers classes and workshops on biography, parenting, relationships,communications and Spacial Dynamics.
Kathleen Bowen – Certified in Biography and Social Art; Coordinator and one of the founders of the Center for Biography and Social Art; adult educator; master fiber artist and early childhood educator. Being a lover of human beings and possessing a deep interest in anthroposophy she realized she had been training her whole life for this work.
Susan Shurtleff – Holds a certificate in Biography and Social Art from Sunbridge College. Currently working as an Administrator at Stanton Home, in Great Barrington, MA and operates the Red Door B&B in Lee, MA; Founding Member of Wellspring Living Arts; former Treasurer of The Christian Community, Spring Valley; former Waldorf School Finance Administrator; studied Waldorf education and has a striving interest in anthroposophy for over 25 years; holds a degree in Psychology from Marymount College.


Patti Smith Ed.D. – is a facilitator for the Center for Courage and Renewal. Her interests in meditation and life stories guide her practice and weave the fabric of the seasonal retreats she sponsors. She is the Director of Research and Quality at the National Academy Foundation, an organization that creates career academies in large urban high schools to foster graduation, college attendance and career opportunities for traditionally underserved students. She is a former Waldorf kindergarten teacher, currently identified as a mother, grandmother and devoted walker and cyclist. She is the co-editor of More Lifeways, a book on modern family issues.
Sarah Putnam, Ph.D., received her doctorate in cultural psychology from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and has taught in both the university setting and in business.  She is a Certified Biography Worker and has extensive experience delivering in-depth coaching, consulting, group facilitation, and training for healthcare, industry, school systems and governmental agencies.   A long-time student of anthroposophy, Sarah particularly enjoys discovering the richness and beauty of the inner life with her clients.
Karen Gierlach, Holds a degree from London University and trained as a Waldorf teacher at Emerson College in England, where she became inspired to deepen her studies in Anthroposophy. Worked as a foreign language teacher and administrator in Waldorf schools throughout the U.S for 25 years. Attended biography workshops in her early 40’s and became inspired to learn how to become a workshop leader. She has been enjoying working in this field here and in other countries since 2002.
Jennifer Brooks-Quinn – is a counselor, adult
educator and Waldorf high school teacher with a private counseling and
consulting practice. In addition to her extensive work in Waldorf
education and anthroposophical studies, she also has completed trainings
in biography counseling and psychosynthesis. She has been the director
and a faculty member of Foundation Studies in Anthroposophy in Spring
Valley, NY and Brooklyn, NY.

Anne Kollender, M.S. –  Anne is a poet, counselor,
Waldorf early childhood educator, mentor, and earth steward with a
lifelong love of the path of human becoming.


Meredith Johanson – School Administrator and Librarian (retired); has completed certificates in Biography and Social Art (Sunbridge College), Waldorf Administration and Community Development (Sunbridge College), and Nonprofit Leadership (Sacramento Regional Foundation); holds degrees in Mathematics (University of California, Davis) and Library and Information Science (University of California, Berkeley); served for 21 years as Administrator of Camellia Waldorf School.

Polly Sanford holds a certificate in Biography and Social Art (Sunbridge College), a BFA in Performance Production (Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA), and a BA in Political Science (New York University). She has studied Waldorf education and Anthroposophy for more than 30 years, while serving on various Waldorf schools’ and other related initiatives’  boards of trustees, working particularly with administration and outreach.