2016 Annual Appeal

Gathering Soul Essence

“Just as the bee emerges from the hive and gathers the juice of flowers to distill and make it into honey, so does the soul come forth from the Spirit, penetrate into reality and gather its essence which is then borne back again to the Spirit.”

~Rudolf Steiner

The Center for Biography and Social Art provides a unique part-time training for individuals interested in a deeper understanding of what it means to be human. As Biography Workers, our graduates work as guides to illuminate the mystery of each human life through the arts and authentic conversation.

During their training, students do intensive work, inwardly and together, expanding their perspective through exploration of individual and life rhythms.

Please join us with your vital financial support, as we launch our new training program. Your contribution will open a world of possibility, and you become part of a striving that is working to foster the best of human development.

Your gift will offer an immediate and direct impact on the training program and our students when you make your donation by June 30th. Our goal of $10,000 will support the Center, the students and the work as we launch the new training program. Join us in fostering this extremely important effort.

With our deep gratitude and thanks,

Sarah Putnam and Susan Shurtleff
On behalf of the Board of Trustees