2014 Biography and Social Art Conference


Biography workers gathered together from around the country to spend a weekend looking at elder years and researching how a workshop comes into being. We explored biography and social art through eurythmy, singing, painting, nature observation and writing. Because we met during All Soul’s Day, we honored those who have died and attended the All Soul’s Festival by the Spring Valley Eurythmy Ensemble.

Reflections from the conference by Linda Bergh:
I met so many open hearts                                              tree
so many striving souls
so many witnessing eyes
at this gathering of social artists
thanks to the stars
for pointing the way
and the earth
for holding us all in her arms
and our beloved Sophia
for being the container of love since time began
I felt seen and included
Meeting sisters and brothers on the path
It enlivens my passion for this biography work
to be a part of a greater body of committed people

I am feeling full
challenged to be more
remembering that I am enough


Some comments from the weekend:

I came home so happy and fulfilled, feeling grateful for the many ways that this work in biography and social art is growing and reaching out into the world. I see each one of you in my memories and just find myself smiling.

I wish you all joy and ongoing growth in this work – I know it is so needed, on every corner!

Our work together was deeply affirming and renewing.

The tending of spaces, the singing and eurythmy, the sharings and exercises all touched body, soul and spirit. I was nourished by it all.


A list of workshop titles was compiled as possiblities:
  • Growing Older, Growing Free
  • Community Building Through the Stories of Our Lives
  • Parsival as Our Journey
  • Life Stories and the Shoes We Wore
  • Making Sense of Life
  • Mapping Your Life Journey
  • Imagine You
  • The Joy of You
  • Sophia for Men
  • A Meeting with Yourself/Meeting Self
  • Becoming Human – The Neverending Story
  • Becoming Human – A Balancing Act
  • How do We Nourish Ourselves?
We continued the question of naming the profession of biography and social art:
  • Soul Knitter
  • Soul Shining
  • Biography Guide
  • Biography Facilitator
  • Biography Coach
  • Biography Counselor
  • Biography and Social Artist


conf flyer