2013 Annual Center for Biography and Social Art Conference: A Brief Report

We were a small group this year, but a powerful number nonetheless:  twelve of us gathered April 4-7 in Lower Brookside of Sunbridge Institute, Chestnut Ridge, NY.  Once again, we worked collaboratively.

sunshine circle

Everyone brought something to bear through activity—leading or facilitating a session, thought—courageously revealing hopes, challenges, losses, and warmth of feeling—yummy food, laughter, the pleasure of being together. Our topic, heart-thinking, offered rich and deep experiences, within and without.  Something happens when one awakens with an after-image, perhaps regarding the task of the individual today to make his or her own relationship to the feminine anew, and then an hour or so later find oneself working with the eurythmy gesture for Aries, where one’s hand is placed between heart and head, pointing upward, through the head to the space behind.  It is in coming together that we are granted such moments.

painting exerciseSea AnnaIMG_5312

As is our tradition, we shared echoes each morning. This one comes from Marca-Maria Boggiano, following the conference, upon her return home:

Circle of humans
being beauty,
space that breathes
Each speaks truth,
Oh, the goodness!

Of special note, we celebrated Signe Schaefer at this conference.  As many of you know, she has passed the Program Director’s baton to Patricia Rubano, and so we felt it right to honor her contributions to the work and passing the rodto each of our lives (to date).

Sandy LeGrega, Susan Shurtleff and Marca-Maria took the lead and created a really fun night of biography and social art.  We shared memories and cake, presented Signe with gifts, and, while we talked well into the night, we took turns weaving our individual threads (brought with us from home) into a hand-held loom, creating a lovely composition for Signe.

cake for signecelebration for Signe.

Additionally, we’re very happy to report that monies were received to seed the Signe Eklund Schaefer Fund which is dedicated to helping students attend the certificate program.

signe is honored

Donations are still welcome.

We looked ahead briefly to next year’s conference.  We certainly hope that more people will be able to attend.  We may wish to change locations, perhaps try the west coast.  And after 2014, we may wish to adopt an alternating rhythm, perhaps one that complements the rhythm of the Worldwide Biography Conference.


Screen shot 2013-03-12 at 8.48.47 PM


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