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 Living With Adolescents

a class for parents

 Feb 1,8,16 2012

                   2 Wednesdays and a Thurs. evening 7:00 – 9:00pm

     Ready or not here it comes!

Adolescence is an important stage of human development, both for the child and the parent. So it can’t be skipped! In these classes we will explore what these years bring: What a teenager is going through, what they are developing, what they are asking for, what is being asked of us.

Our intention is to create a space where we can raise questions and learn from each other. We know how important it is to have a support network of parents working with similar ideas and values, and toward similar goals.

We will touch on the importance of being involved, of being able to communicate honestly and openly, of authenticity, and of facing our own dark side, and of cultivating an attitude of hope and trust in the future.

This is not a class of  ‘we talk and you listen’– we are creating this together. Please come with questions and openness to share your experiences.

Offered by: Joseph and Patricia Rubano who have been around Waldorf Education for over 30 years and have made the journey through the adolescent years with a son, now 41, and a daughter, now 34. Joseph is currently a Biographical Counselor and Spacial Dynamics movement educator in private practice in Oceanside . Patricia leads the Parent Child program for Sanderling and co-directs the Biography and Social Art Training in NY.

Location: Sanderling Waldorf School – Lori’s classroom

           1578 South El Camino Real  Encinitas, CA 92024

Cost: $45 for individuals and $60 for couples for the series. Otherwise $20 per class. Please try to come to all classes.

For registration or questions call Joseph or Patricia at 760-754-1148


AWSNA Great Lakes Regional Conference  

Feb 23-25 in St Paul Minnesota.
This conference is open to anyone interested, not just teachers.
This biography workshop is being offered at the conference:

 Riches Inside Out

with Leah Walker and Kathleen Bowen

In our time, everything must be made new, meaning that, often, we are asked to strip ourselves of the familiar and step into the unknown. Many of us feel a vague, or sometimes intense, feeling of not knowing exactly where we are; and yet at the same time, we are keenly aware that something deeply meaningful lives behind our immediate experience. But how do we touch that? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to feel a sense of recognition in this unknown space? We will use images to explore the hidden yet dynamic in our lives. Social art offers a special kind of re-generation. Let us come together and find a new way of seeing.

…what the poet says is true in the highest spiritual sense: one has to be quiet within oneself that one’s talents may unfold. Those talents, however, are rooted in the world. They strengthen us; but to improve our character, we have to live with and within a community. –Rudolf Steiner- Brotherhood and the Struggle for Existence

Kathleen Bowen is the coordinator of the Center for Biography and Social Art and a master fiber artist. Leah Walker is a licensed professional counselor and certified homeopath. Kathleen and Leah like to call themselves “inquisitive lovers of human beings’’—they possess a deep interest in anthroposophy, and the practice of biography and social art is their primary and favorite activity!


Handcrafts Certificate Program

Beginning January 2012, Signe Schaefer is teaching six three hour sessions of biography work as part of the Handwork Certificate Program at the Brooklyn Waldorf School, New York

The Handcrafts Program will explore a variety of disciplines with an emphasis on our understanding of child and human development and the evolution of consciousness through the work of Rudolf Steiner, and how these relate to the work of our hands. The first year, the foundation year, will include biography work, plant dyeing, the mood of crafting, and a preview of the main crafting disciplines (dolls, toys, felting, garments, etc.). From winter 2013 to the fall of 2014, the Certificate Program will begin with a deepening of the work and will culminate in an individual final project. All disciplines include studies of the work of Rudolf Steiner and related contemporary artisans and writers.

Brooklyn Waldorf School — October 26, 2011



Life as an Ongoing Work of Art 

with Signe Schaefer
Every life is a unique creation even as there are phases we all go through, and evolving opportunities and limitations we all meet. In this short workshop we will explore our individual stories through simple biography exercises, in the context of aspects of human development that we all share.
Signe Schaefer is a founder of the Center for Biography and Social Art, through which she co-directs a three-year training program. She was for many years the Director of Foundation Studies at Sunbridge College and is now on the faculty of the Foundation Studies Program at the Brooklyn Waldorf School.


San Diego, CA — June 20-24, 2011

Biography–Phases of Unfolding

Seven-Year Phases Explored through Biography and Social Art, including Spatial Dynamics

with Patricia & Joseph Rubano


Where are we in our unfolding – as individuals and collectively?

There are stages of development that each child passes through which are universal and yet uniquely expressed in each case. Can we recognize the continuation of this process throughout life and even through larger spans of time?

Whatever we experience is asking to be assimilated through our understanding and acceptance in order to yield the precious fruit of growth that lives as possibility in us. By working artistically with our own life stories in a social setting we may more clearly see our own task within the task of the age we are living in (the time of the Consciousness Soul). We are creating our destiny as our destiny comes to meet us.

We will be led daily in Spacial Dynamics movement to enliven our sense of the shared space we inhabit and to awaken the possibility to choose how we individually (uniquely?) inhabit that space. “The Way we move not only reflects the way we feel, it can determine the way we feel.”(Jaimen McMillan)

Spacial Dynamics is a movement art that sprouted from the same tree of wisdom that the Waldorf Schools sprouted from. In it we work with the imagination and learn to sense the expansion and contraction of space. We consciously play with gravity and levity, and become attuned to the rhythmic pulsing of movement in nature as we deliberately bring this to our movements. In this way we are healing and enlivening the physical body, the life body, the emotional body and the sense of self.

Patricia Rubano has been connected with Waldorf education and Anthroposophy all her adult life. She has worked with young children from infants through kindergarten for over 20 years. She helped found the Waldorf School of San Diego, and has worked for and with Sanderling School in No. County. She spent many years teaching at Green Meadow W.S. in N.Y. where her two children attended school. She currently works in the realm of adult education mentoring early childhood teachers and offering workshops. She co-directs the Biography and Social Art course with Signe Schaefer through Sunbridge College and also teaches the week-long Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education there.




Eastsound, WA — Spring, 2011

Life Stories:  Unraveling our life’s journey in the company of other curious travelers

with Kathi Ciskowski & Polly Sanford




Rudolf Steiner School, Great Barrington, MA —  April 8-10, 2011

Karmic Resonances

with Rinke Visser and Josien de Vries

Rinke and Josien will guide us in reading “karmic hints” in everyday life and developing karmic awareness, based on Rudolf Steiner’s lecture entitled “The Nature and Significance of Karma in Humanity, the Earth and the Universe” (Hamburg, May 16, 1910). What do we mean, in talking about life experiences, when we say, “It must be karma,” and what is happening when we recognize a vague awareness that experiences make sense, but cannot grasp exactly how? What is this inexplicable recognition? We call them “karmic resonances” -we can learn to experience life as a hologram-a whole. In this workshop, we will enter a mood of investigation, a new way of biographical research, and we will find the invisible network and interrelationships between events of one’s life. We will try to make sense of it all, and may find unexpected insights and see our lives in ways we have never before thought of. The workshop will not answer the question “who was who” or ‘who was I in the past” , but will reveal new connections and perspective. Participants need not possess any prior or particular knowledge of karma or anthroposophy. An open mind to investigate one’s own life story is essential.

Rinke has been devoted to biography work for more than 30 years. Along the way, he developed exquisite creative writing exercises to help people find and understand their destiny, and also discovered a remarkable process which he calls Biographical Triptychons. He has been a teacher and mentor to students at the Free University in Driebergen, Holland, and consults with individuals and organizations in Germany, Denmark, England and Romania. Josien and Rinke met when she took his biography course, and they found they had much in common. Together they founded the Dutch Institute for Biography, as well as 3Consult. Rinke and Josien enjoy summers sailing in the North and Baltic Seas.


Threefold Educational Center, Chestnut Ridge, NY — March 31-April 3, 2011

The Magic of the Triptychon

with Rinke Visser and Josien de Vries

Rinke Visser and Josien de Vries live with a deep awareness of the challenges of our time and are committed to helping people step strongly into their own destiny. To this end, they engage people in a Triptychon process.A triptych, a series of three pictures, either found or drawn, is the basis for a creative process where the qualities of imagination, intuitive awareness and inspiration play an important role. It is a specific methodology for biographical research – it deals with a Being, and this Being responds to our dignity – it grants us access to the world of wisdom behind the images. In this way, the Triptychon process is perhaps a gateway: it is the ornate wall between the “public space” of one’s life story and the sacred sanctuary of one’s biography, where the life questions are both personal and universal. Are you ready to deepen your self-knowledge? Are you conscious of your values for the 21st century? Are you living to your full potential?

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