Our vision

The Vision is inspired by the practice of Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy – wisdom of the human being.  The Center provides leadership in social renewal and is a guiding resource for understanding the process of becoming in the human being and the universe. At the heart of this spiritual-scientific work is the picture of metamorphosis, out of which meaning may be found and trust in existence may arise.

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Our mission

The Mission of The Center for Biography and Social Art celebrates the threefold human being – body, soul and spirit; encourages reverence for the uniqueness of every life journey; illuminates the mysteries of human life in earthly gesture and spiritual depth; and practices authentic human encounter. The Center fulfills its mission through adult education programs and events, research, professional networking, and community and client support.

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Our certificate program

The Biography and Social Art Certificate Program is a part-time program in which participants work together with stories- personal and mythological- art, and nature to awaken new imaginations and to cultivate a living understanding of nature, biography, humanity, and the cosmos.

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Our Center

The Center for Biography and Social Art brings people together by offering a training program, workshops and classes to explore multiple dimensions of development through the practice of interest and working together artistically.  This work offers a path to provide experiences where people can recall a new perspective and awaken a joyful interest in others and the world.

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 New Program on West Coast 2017

Applications due December 15th for the next part-time program cycle

location: San Diego and Costa Mesa, CA

  Start date: February 18-22, 2017


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Upcoming Events

Biography and Social Art



NEW for 2016

Threefold Educational Center

Chestnut Ridge, NY

July 11-22, 2016

Nov 28-Dec 2, 2016

Feb 27-Mar 3, 2017

July 17-28, 2017



NEW for 2017

WEST Coast group NOW forming

location:  Southern California

Applications due December 15th.

Year One:

Waldorf School of San Diego

Feb 18-22 and June 26-July 7

Waldorf School of Orange County

October 21-25, 2017.



Tea and Biography

Northampton, MA

Nov 16, 30 & Dec 14



Finding the Thread

Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico

March 18 & 19, 2017





Certificate Program

Biography & Social Art Certificate Program delves into the complexities of human becoming and questions of meaning.

Biography Work

Biography practitioners offer workshops and classes on a variety of life themes, infusing the learning process with social artistry.

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Many of us are hungry for a deeper sense of meaning in our lives and stronger connections to one another.


We facilitate connection to and among other practicing biography work and social art throughout North America.

Destiny is the result of two factors,

which grow together in the life of the human being.

One streams outward from the inner depths of the soul;

the other comes to meet man from the world around him.

Rudolf Steiner